All the activities that are carried out are the result of the commitment of operators who with tenacity and passion are committed to assisting their patients in the best possible way. We carry out activities in favor of the elderly, the sick, the disabled, minors and pregnant women who need help.

We carry out services of:

House assistance
Qualified services for the elderly, sick and disabled directly at home. Aimed at people who are in a condition of partial or total physical and / or mental non-self-sufficiency or in any case no longer able to manage their family life without outside help, in order to allow them to remain at home in safe conditions:

The services offered concern:
Health Assistance and Integrated Home Healthcare Services under agreement in the Na 1 and Na 2 North area
Private Home Health Assistance and Social Healthcare Services (in the territory of the municipality of Naples and the province excluding islands
ASSISTANCE in private or affiliated structures
Night vigil, daytime assistance and help for patients admitted to hospital, clinic or private or affiliated facilities

Specialized School Assistance
The specialist assistance service for the disabled at schools consists of all functional interventions to increase the level of autonomy and integration of the disabled, including through extracurricular and extracurricular activities, with the exclusion of those tasks that fall within the competence of schools: material assistance and the care of personal hygiene, the help in entering and leaving the areas outside the school facilities, the accompaniment for the use of the toilets
Specialized School Assistance (in the municipalities of Giugliano in Campania and Marano di Napoli)

Semi Residential Service for the DisabledThe semi-residential service for disabled adults and minors aged 11 to 18, autonomous and semi-autonomous, is carried out at our multifunctional social center IL GIRASOLE and has the aim of promoting the recovery and psychophysical well-being of users, through socializing, educational and rehabilitation, in order to enrich the user, making him more autonomous, self-confident and with a desire to do things. We also promote social integration, and job placement.

Residential service for pregnant women, mothers and children
The “HABIBI” reception community for pregnant women, mothers and children is a community-based residential educational structure with the presence of professional operators who assume the role of reference adults. Habibi welcomes women with children and / or pregnant women who need support and protection. The services offered are: reception, assistance, social, work and school insertion, organization of free time, support in the path of reintegration into the family, foster care, adoption or autonomy.

Residential service for minors

The family-based educational community “Teddy’s house” welcomes the minor in a protective, serene and welcoming environment with a strong educational value. The child will have a personal growth, will strengthen and develop their individuality through a normal growth process. We encourage socialization, inclusion and the fulfillment of compulsory schooling. Where possible, we will try to take care of relations with the families of origin, for the child for whom it is not possible to return to the family, there will be the immediate activation of the process for insertion into a foster or adoptive family.