Il Girasole

Multifunctional Center for the Disabled

The Multifunctional Social Center is a semi-residential service, open until 16:00, for disabled adults and minors, autonomous and semi-autonomous. It is a service divided into multivalent spaces, which is part of the network of local social services. It offers the possibility of aggregation aimed at preventing uneasy situations through proposals for socialization between guests and identification with significant adult figures. It provides for forms of involvement and participation of household users, offering them support and support.

The center consists of an outdoor space of about 3000 square meters for integrated activities and experiences that stimulate both the motor and emotional areas; and an internal area with reception hall with TV room and internet point, gym, computer lab and multimedia teachers, kitchen and dining room.

The spaces of the structure have been prepared and divided to create environments intended for socialization and group interaction activities
The furniture and furnishings create a welcoming environment that communicates warmth, welcome and familiarity. The Center is equipped with emergency lighting, telephone connection, Internet line, heating system, photovoltaic panels and lift.

Aims and purposes
The “Il Girasole” Multifunctional Social Center aims to:
To welcome guests in a serene and welcoming atmosphere with a strong educational value;
Enhance the construction of personal identity and the expressiveness of one’s emotions and experiences;
Create opportunities for integration and socialization;
Prepare the necessary conditions for the implementation of suitable interventions;
Plan educational interventions, activities, workshops, projects suitable for each guest;
Care and maintain relationships with families with a view to sharing problems and interventions;
Promote socialization and inclusion through individualized projects in connection with the realities of the area;
Facilitate entry into the world of work.

Criteria and methods for taking charge
Access to the “Il Girasole” Multifunctional Social Center can take place:

a) on the placement of the territorially competent Social Services, by submitting an application to the Social Policy Service of the reference area of ​​the user who, following the procedures provided for by the municipal regulation, wanted the admissibility of the application, by the Juvenile Court and / or privately.

b) from the family by completing the appropriate application available at the Center.

After the request for access to the Structure, the Manager evaluates the admissibility to the center and proceeds with the assessment of the specific needs of each guest and the creation of an individualized educational plan. The services and activities are available to all those who are interested in receiving help and support in the areas of intervention of the Center.

Centro Sociale Polifunzionale “Il Girasole
Via San Francesco a Patria n° 32
Giugliano in campania (NA)
Tel/fax: 08118370564
Person in charge: dott.ssa Antonella Orsini