Hospitality Community for Expectants, Mothers and Children

The Habibi reception community for pregnant women, mothers and children is a community-based residential structure with the presence of professional operators who take on the role of reference adults. Habibi welcomes women with children and / or pregnant women (including minors) who need support and protection in a protected place during the period of pregnancy and / or subsequently because they lack family and social support or because they are in conditions of psychological distress.

The Habibi Community aims to:
Host: women and minors in a serene environment suitable to offer support, love and able to transmit suitable principles and values, in a positive family atmosphere, so that they become instrumental for a stable and peaceful future life

Support: women in a growth path, so that they acquire adequate individual and social autonomy, necessary for their own fulfillment and for reintegration into society;

Facilitate: the ability to react positively to situations of hardship by enhancing and enhancing the personal resources of women and their children;

Assisting: women in living motherhood in a serene and conscious way, in carrying out the parental function and in the growth of minors;

Offer: women the necessary support to encourage the development and enhancement of attitudes, behaviors and personal skills appropriate to the exercise of maternal functions;

Encourage: the establishment of a meaningful relationship between mother and child, of the relationship between the woman and her family of origin, in order to establish meaningful and constructive relationships for both the woman and the child. Where possible between the parents of the child to ensure the support and affection of both parents for the minorì;

Ensure: the necessary support for the free and conscious choice of women who do not intend to recognize the child and the child, who is not recognized, the immediate activation of the process of fostering and / or adoption.

Centro Sociale Polifunzionale “Il Girasole
Via San Francesco a Patria n° 32
Giugliano in campania (NA)
Tel/fax: 08118370564
Mail: comunitahabibi@mondoincammino.it
Person in charge: dott.ssa Antonella Orsini