Assisted Work Member Insertion Project

The Mondo in Cammino Social Cooperative also carries out training or professional orientation activities aimed at the socio-working integration of its disabled users, including through the launch of innovative start-ups in the form of cooperatives or social enterprises. This project includes:

  • Workshops for orientation, training and socio-working placement and support for business creation : the Laboratories aim to create protected paths in the area aimed at job placement and business creation for disadvantaged people with reduced skills which make it difficult for them to be placed on the job market.
  • Support for the design of a Kit for assisted job placement of the disabled person: it is a tool for synthesis and reflection of the work carried out during the realization of the Laboratories, and is aimed at favoring the reproducibility of the intervention , in whole or in part, in all social, educational and working contexts of the territory. The document will describe procedures, techniques and tools for the application of supported employment (in Italian, assisted job placement) in the local context of the social inclusion of disabled people, and has as a general objective that of the embedding of the model as a local practice of construction of integrated training, training and work paths.
  • Support for the “Community friendly companies” program: the project envisages the activation of a program to give visibility to companies that apply non-discriminatory practices of staff recruitment, called “Community friendly companies” to affirm citizenship entrepreneurial. The program will include thematic dissemination workshops and the awarding of a prize for companies that apply Corporate Social Responsibility in favor of disadvantaged people.
  • Governance: as part of the project, the following Governance activities will be carried out by the Coordination Group.