La Casa di Teddy

Educational Community

The family-sized educational community “La casa di Teddy” is a residential structure that constitutes an educational proposal that integrates the family. The facility accommodates minors for whom foster care and / or adoption is not feasible at the moment.

The mission is to welcome minors who, for a period of their life, need to live in an alternative environment to their family of origin, finding a welcoming context with familiar connotations, suitable for their emotional physical growth.
The team operating in the service implements actions aimed at responding to the needs of minors, the realization of the individual project, the return to their family contexts, or the implementation of foster care or adoption programs.

The Community La Casa di Teddy aims to:
Welcome: the minor in a protective, serene, welcoming environment with a strong educational value in which to live, which allows him to express his own needs and requirements through the establishment of a positive family climate.

Support: minors in a path of personal growth, take care of relationships with their families of origin, where possible, and build a solid socio-emotional network;

Facilitate: the development of resilience, to strengthen and develop one’s individuality by promoting a normal growth process;

Helping: the minor in fulfilling his or her educational obligation through networking with local institutions;

Encourage: socialization and inclusion through individualized projects in connection with local realities;

Guarantee: to the child temporarily removed from the family the necessary support for returning to the family; to the child for whom it is not possible to return to the family, the immediate activation of the bureaucratic process of insertion into a foster or adoptive family.

Comunità educativa a dimensione familiare La Casa di Teddy
Via San Francesco a Patria n° 32
Giugliano in Campania (NA)
Tel/fax: 08118370564
Person in charge: Dott.ssa Antonella Orsini