The “Il Girasole” Multifunctional Social Center for the disabled has developed an experimental project of autonomous life for young adults with disabilities who feel ready to experiment with living away from home for a few days.

The project aims to allow children to sleep away from home together with a group of friends and with an operator-assistant who will always be present in the accommodation to provide support and guidance in carrying out the proposed activities.

The program is aimed at people suffering from various pathologies and with little autonomy, but with a great desire to live in a community with peers.


The project is aimed at users who already attend the “Il Girasole” Multifunctional Social Center who have basic autonomy compatible with the proposed activities.


The essence of the project is configured as a training ground for autonomy not only for the person with disabilities but also for his family. In fact, the proposed paths aim to facilitate the exit of people with disabilities from the family unit, in favor of an autonomy that can reproduce a “domestic” condition outside the home. For families, the project represents a solution they can count on, in a serene way, to allow their loved one to experience autonomy in a protected context and represents an intermediate solution for further future steps towards an “independent” life..

Individualized Paths

Each proposed activity, from laboratory to residential activities, will be designed, monitored and evaluated within individualized educational plans drawn up by the team.


The project includes, in addition to daytime activities already scheduled at the Multifunctional Social Center, the addition of activities related to accommodation and the management of daily life. See Example:

Guests will be placed in rooms with 2/3 beds to share with their friends. The operator will be present in the structure in an adjoining room.

Access mode

Interested families will be able to apply for access to the project by going to the secretariat of the “Il Girasole” Multifunctional Social Center for the disabled in Via San Francesco a Patria, 32 – 80014, Giugliano in Campania, Naples. Following the request, the team in charge will carry out an interview with the family and with the person concerned for the assessment of basic skills and for the definition of individualized objectives.


The autonomous life experience will develop in an apartment in via San Francesco a Patria, 32
80014, Giugliano in Campania, Napoli.