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Mondo in Cammino (MIC) is an independent social cooperative founded in 2002 to offer assistance in the socio-health and health fields (DL 328/2000). The cooperative operates in the public sector and has an agreement with the municipalities in the areas N14-N15-N16 *.

The cooperative operates in the Neapolitan territory and in the non-profit province and offers services that tend to consider the needs of people who are in a state of social hardship, because they are disabled or because for a short or long period of their life they are in disadvantageous conditions. Through social welfare and social health services, MIC intervenes on the needs and requirements of the community. Over the years, he has gained a lot of experience promoting social interventions and restoring dignity to those who for various reasons have found themselves in difficulty in the course of their lives..

For years we have been working with skills and the right tools, managing to create a real network of professionals who act in support of people, welcoming their needs and responding to their needs in a flexible and dynamic way.

All the activities that are carried out are the result of the commitment of many operators who with tenacity and passion are committed to assisting their patients in the best possible way. The main activities carried out by the cooperatives are listed below:

1. Provide assistance in the socio-health and health fields,
2. Staff training according to criteria and standards of a high professional level,
3. Implementation of development projects in the relevant sector,
4. Organization of professional training courses.

*The territorial areas, regulated by Law 328/2000, represent well-defined geographical contexts and are configured as the union of Municipalities which, associated with each other, interact and contribute to the creation of the local system of social services (local welfare). </ p>

The Areas define the Area Plans , tools for the integrated system of interventions and social services and for the evaluation and planning of their own development. The following are the areas in which the cooperative operates under the agreement M.I.C.

N14  Giugliano in Campania
N15 – Marano di Napoli – Quarto
N16 – Mugnano di Napoli– Qualiano – Villaricca – Melito – Calvizzano


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