Independent Social Cooperative

Nadir is an independent social cooperative founded in 2011 to offer assistance in the social, health and health fields (DL 328/2000) in the private sector. The cooperative offers nursing and socio-health services of support and help for everyday life in outsourcing to private health clinics to provide assistance to the sick and disabled living in conditions of need and fragility.

Our qualified staff works in outpatient clinics, medical offices, public and private health organizations, collaborating daily with doctors and the internal staff of the structures themselves.
The service can be of an occasional nature for an emergency, but it can also take on the characteristics of a real nursing outsourcing service. In this case, a contact person will be identified who will periodically interface with the administrations. In addition to the professional skills provided, companies will also benefit from the advantages deriving from the outsourcing of services such as:

• relief of management problems and highly specialized healthcare management consultancy
• reduction of operating costs
• access and use of personnel with constantly updated, specific and targeted skills at the moment
• continuous availability of personnel
• immediate response to new needs

In addition to purely health care interventions, our nurses, all registered in the IPASVI register, are available to support traditional companies in all healthcare contexts such as:

• nursing collaboration with the company doctor during occupational health screenings
• instrumental examinations (BP meter, Electrocardiogram, Spirometry, etc … etc …)
• first aid
• critical area
• health observation

Nursing staff are provided with other OSA – OSS specialized figures who over the last few years have developed a specific training path that with multiple experiences in the hospital environment has made it possible to create effective auxiliary management models in hospital wards and complex operating units.
The OSA has obtained ISO 9002 quality certification in the specific sector of hospital outsourcing.

“My handicap is your negative perception of that disability, and therefore of me”.
Rick Hansen

Nadir – Cooperativa Sociale
Vico Pozzo, 1 – Giugliano in Campania (NA)
Tel.+39 081 183.705.64