Individual Therapeutic Rehabilitation Projects

Individualized Therapeutic Rehabilitation Projects (PTRI) are a way of providing health and social services in the context of rehabilitation programs for the physically, mentally and sensory disabled. The PTRI are individual enabling paths in the areas of learning / sociality / affectivity, training / work, home / social habitat and represent a model of social and health policy which, by profoundly modifying the relationships between institutions and civil society, guarantees greater subjectivity and protagonism to the person, helping him in the realization of a path of self-organization and self-determination based on the values ​​of human development, social cohesion and the common good

The PTRI is an inclusive process that systemically involves the various actors of a territory such as Local Health Authorities and Municipalities with a view to sharing responsibilities and rehabilitative choices with the social cooperative and the person himself.

The PTRI promotes and makes possible the active participation of people in their own treatment path, in the reappropriation of rights and freedom of choice. The person co-designs, co-manages and is a financing member and / or worker of the cooperative that welcomes him, is responsible and actor with the other members.

The ASL through the Municipalities and Territorial Areas allows those who request it and are in possession of the necessary requirements to use the assistance service provided by the Cooperative which is registered in the list of ASL’s PTRI Co-Managers. The user can use the service completely free of charge, he only has to go to the social services of his municipality, submit the request for access to the service and provide the necessary documentation that demonstrates possession of the required requirements. We provide free assistance and support throughout the process of accessing the service.