TMA (multisystem therapy in water): the new therapeutic approach for disability

Water is the ideal element for carrying out rehabilitation activities, especially for people with disabilities, considering that the attenuation of the force of gravity allowed by immersion facilitates movements without burdening the joints. The reduction of weight on the injured parts expands the possibilities of movement of the subject, thus favoring the reduction of painful sensations and allowing you to exercise greater control over your body. Water sports also bring benefits on a psychological and relational level, as well as physical, since the growth of self-control almost always brings with it greater self-esteem and consequently greater openness to others.

After a twenty-year series of researches conducted in Italy, on the therapeutic aspects of rehabilitation activities in water, doctors Caputo Giovanni and Ippolito Giovanni have formulated the multisystem therapy in water (TMA). This therapy was created with the aim of being part of a global rehabilitation project, which particularly takes care of the relational, emotional, socialization and integration aspects with the peer group.

It updates an individualized and interpersonal intervention plan, aimed at influencing behavioral disorders by intervening on the different functional systems of the subjects, water is used because it is an emotional and relational activator that pushes the subject to contact the therapist in a way to break the bubble that surrounds it and isolates it.

This therapy is carried out in various centers throughout Italy, to obtain more information on the therapy and which centers implement it, you can visit the website: