Specialist School Assistance

The Specialized School Assistance Service (ASS) is aimed at the scholastic integration of disabled pupils attending the State Schools of Infancy, Primary and First Grade Secondary Schools. Specifically, the service aims to achieve the following objectives:

• promote the social integration of handicapped minors or those generally at risk of marginalization;

• support and guide adolescents in their growth path by providing opportunities for the construction and management of more adequate and functional relationships (with peers and significant adults);

• prevent and combat situations of refusal of the school by promoting a relational climate of greater openness and dialogue in the school and less opportunities for support and guidance;

• encourage the processes of cultural integration and socialization by promoting facilitation opportunities for meeting, comparison, exchange, collaboration between children and adults;

• prevent and combat problems of conflict and social exclusion, through the ability to read early signs of discomfort and / or critical issues;

• encourage and support communication between the school and families and support the training needs of teachers.

The scholastic integration makes use of the figure of the Specialist Assistant, a professional figure who contributes, with the teaching team, to the identification of strategies and tools necessary to respond to specific needs related to the sphere of relationships, affectivity and the construction of identity and autonomy of the disabled person and his / her ability to interact positively and proactively with the school context. He is therefore a system figure in the broad process of scholastic integration of the disabled pupil. This role is covered by the following professional figures: psychologist, educator, social worker, cultural educational assistant.
In addition, there is the possibility of integrating the team, where required, with the figure of the OSS for the basic autonomy assistance functions.

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