Integrated Home Assistance

Integrated Home Care consists in providing nursing and social health services to the elderly and disabled at their home. This activity has as its main objective that of improving the quality of life of the patient at home by ensuring all the psychophysical care they may need, safeguarding, as a specific objective, their serenity, as well as their safety and self-esteem, as primary needs.

Mondo in Cammino offers its work to chronic elderly patients, bedridden patients suffering from serious pathologies (ALS, tetraparesis, etc.), even to children under the age of three. The key concept of the cooperative is that of territoriality: people must be supported and helped in their environmental context, considering their individuality and complexity in reading the need and no longer, as happened in the past, intervening in a categorizing way, thus generating marginalization and distinction between citizens. . Home care fully reflects this principle, the work of Mondo in Cammino which with its daily action aims to avoid the marginalization and institutionalization of citizens belonging to the so-called weaker groups; The services provided by MIC are provided on the basis of national laws, regional laws, the consequent internal regulations, by the specific agreements with entities and ASLs located in the area.

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